How do I place an order?

Very simple! First you need to register a user account via Steam login. Add what you want to your cart, move cursor to cart – located at the right hand side of the website header – and click checkout to proceed with payment. Please see next question/answer to see why we have minimum sale policy.


How do I receive my order?

After placing your order (please note you need to authorize first), we will verify it and then depending on stock it will be delivered via Steam trade.


How long does it take to receive my Steam items?

We offer 3-5 hours delivery for items in stock after your order was verified and up to few hours for backorder items.


Why haven’t I received a trade offer for my order?

We are trying to process all orders as soon as possible. Please contact us after your order so we can check status of your purchase. Even that we are trying to stock up as much as we can with Steam items through different supply channels, we also have backorder items which may take up to few hours to obtain. If item has backorder delivery it will be stated in its listing.


Are you affiliated with Valve inc.?

Not at the moment. All services accessible on Gamesvisual skins are provided as third party service.


Is Gamesvisual skins shop legit?

Our company Gamesvisual skins is registered in United Kingdom and our team is 20 people strong and dispersed across the globe to ensure 24/7 service. Through the years, tens of thousands of customers have experienced and keep experiencing our secure and professional service on our different selling channels and websites.


How can I contact you?

Our live chat accessible in lower right corner of website is the best and fastest way to contact us. You can also use our contact form in which case we will get back to you via email within 24 hours.


I have seen a cheaper shop. Can you match their price?

We do not do price matching at moment. Our focus is to provide a high quality service for customers that value delivery speed and security. When you order from a cheaper shop you will find that you normally have to wait a long time for your delivery. Sometimes an eternity. You may also get your game account banned or have your purchased goods retracted when you order from a cheap shop. Here at Gamesvisual skins

we put lots of continuous effort into keeping ourselves and our customers well stocked and secure and this adds to the price tag. If you are serious about your gaming, then it’s worth every cent to order from us.


Do you feature loyalty program, discounts, bonuses, rewards or special campaigns?

Yes we do all of the above. Please contact us to get more info.


Can I earn money by recommending your website?

Yes in short time we will provide all interested parties access to our Affiliate Program where you can earn money (% commision from sales) from reffered users by you.